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Polaris Global Review

Polaris Global Review

Polaris Global Review

Posted By Pauline O

I have the distinction and honour of being a founding member of Polaris Global so I feel my experience allows me to provide a valuable and informed review. I’ve recently returned from the Sovereignty Live Event, my 17th event since joining Shane Krider in both his previous business and Polaris Global. This event was everything I have come to expect from Polaris, providing enlightening, practical information and education of immeasurable value –

Over the course of the event Shane Krider provided us with the education and tools to create supreme long term wealth with a common sense, down to earth approach. No hype, no BS, just sound, solid information that if implemented by anyone who attended will yield outstanding results.

It was a fun filled gathering of family, friends and community that provided diverse cultural experiences and the opportunity for attendees to take their business and lives to a higher level. That’s what this company is all about!

Polaris Global is a genuine business opportunity that offers the highest quality personal empowerment/leadership development education that can be enjoyed and utilised by people of all ages and backgrounds who are serious about improving their personal circumstances. It has provided me with the opportunity to -

1. Work from home around my family
2. Retire my husband within 7 months of getting started
3. Work the hours that suit me from anywhere I have internet access
4. Travel the world with my family and friends
5. Earn a multiple 6 figure income since my first year in business
6. Learn and grow
7. Assist many others to achieve their personal, financial and lifestyle goals

My experiences with Polaris Global have been nothing short of outstanding. What have been your most valuable experiences with Polaris Global to date?

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335 Responses to “Polaris Global Review”

  1. Pauline O says:

    I couldn’t agree more Lee Anne. The Polaris products provide so much more value than the cost and there is nothing to lose providing people implement what they learn into their daily thinking and living. The value is in the application and it is priceless.

  2. Pauline O says:

    You’ve summed everything up perfectly there Karen and I could only add that the price of BFE M1 breaks down to less than $7.00 per day to work with over 12 months, For all who have responded so far we’ve been using it for many years now. It’s a minute investment into our future which potentially provides a massive return on that investment.

  3. Pauline O says:

    For those of us who appreciate the value of our personal development Kerryle BFE is certainly an invaluable investment.

  4. Lise R says:

    What a great topic to bring up Pauline. From where we sit it seems so obvious as to why someone would spend the money on our Beyond Freedom Evolution. I will definitely remember the points you raise here the next time I get that question. Ultimately, we spend our money on what we see as valuable. Some people would rather spend the money on a big screen tv, fascinating :)

  5. Debbie R says:

    You can’t put a price on the value of positively changing every single aspect of your life can you Pauline? Beyond Freedom Evolution has positively changed every single aspect of my life, and that all happened in the first 6 months.

  6. Gai Pilz says:

    Suzanne has expressed exactly my thoughts. With most other Personal Development you get to read the book and you get to figure it out for yourself. BFE provides continual support, tutorials and masterminding. That’s where the value lies!

  7. Pauline O says:

    What a brilliant way of describing the value of BFE! That quote is one I haven’t heard before but very powerfully states the concept of Value VS Cost. Thank you for sharing this Suzanne, it’s excellent.

  8. Pauline O says:

    Yes Lise, people are always able to find the money for something they perceive to be of value, a big screen TV, holiday, new car – all the things that society tells us we must have. Our role is to assist more people discover the value of personal development so that it can be first on their list of priorities. What a world changer that would be!

  9. Pauline O says:

    We certainly can’t Debbie. BFE is priceless. I experienced very fast results too but it continues to educate me on different levels as I evolve, no matter how many times I return to it , as you have experienced too no doubt.

  10. Pauline O says:

    I think that ongoing support does make a big difference Gai and having a community that is on the same journey provides incredible camaraderie. To me there is value in so many areas, but one of the greatest thing that I think makes BFE stand out is it’s simplicity which allows the user to understand, implement and achieve, thereby translating into real results.

  11. Karen says:

    Yes Pauline, $7.00 per day is less than 2 cafe lattes in Australia. It’s amazing how such a small change in spending habits can free up money to change your life!

  12. Pauline O says:

    It’s certainly a small investment for such a huge return Karen.

  13. Pauline O says:


    I never tire of hearing the wins of happy customers. Anissa has been a product lover for several years now and I received this email from her just now so wanted to share it with you all…

    Hi again Pauline, just wanted to share how great BFE has been especially through the last 7 months. In the last 18 months I returned to my degree and will graduate in November this year. In the last 7 months I have lost 6 kilos through regular moderate exercise and healthy eating, although financially things aren’t great we are getting through it together and finding new and novel ways to make ends meet and keep spirits high, my parenting is feeling more on track, my relationship with my mother is getting closer to where we would like it and Simon and I are really finding each other again.

    I know none of this will be a surprise to you as this is exactly what BFE is for.

    Super thanks, have a great day, Anissa x

  14. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Pauline and Congrats Anissa :) I love all the positive feedback too Pauline

  15. Alison W says:

    Well done Anissa awesome work

  16. Lise R says:

    How beautiful Pauline and what a great reminder of the value that is provided with our curriculum.

  17. Debbie R says:

    Perfect example of how Beyond Freedom Evolution benefits every single aspect of our lives Pauline!

  18. Pauline O says:

    It’s just awesome!

  19. Bart says:

    One word describes this, Pauline … AHHHMAZING!!!!

  20. Pauline O says:

    Even after all this time Bart and all the wonderful experiences we hear of, it’s still amazing to hear of the unique success stories that come as a result of this tremendous gift of BFE.

  21. Peter W says:

    It is certainly a program which over delivers, it is no surprise to hear of people results, because the are many.

  22. Pauline O says:


    I read an email from a prospect today who had looked at the information on Polaris Global a month ago and was suggesting I take a look at what he was now doing and compare the two opportunities. All I could do was laugh! You see in my universe there is nothing else that compares to Polaris Global. Some people may think my opinion foolish and short sighted however I see it as a necessary belief that is directly related to the success I have created in the past and will continue to create from this point moving forward.

    There is nowhere else on the planet that I could generate a multiple 6 figure income working from home around my family, in the hours that suit me. I don’t have a degree, I don’t have a tertiary education and I didn’t even complete my secondary education! I know I possess many talents, skills and attributes but most organisations wouldn’t hire me to do anything more than menial tasks for minimum wages based on my lack of formal education or piece of paper that would determine my eligibility to trade my time for decent money and let’s face it; being over 50 I’m considered “over the hill” by the majority of employers. I have seen many online business systems over the years and other work from home opportunities, in fact I worked tirelessly in my previous home based business for over 5 years with a very reputable company that has stood the test of time but the most I made in that business in a single year was $40K, my best month being $7000.00. It doesn’t come close to my results in Polaris.

    I know without any hesitation that there is nowhere else, no other opportunity that would allow me to create the success that I have here and so I emailed this gentleman and told him so and he responded with – ” Pauline you are absolutely right… thank you for taking the time and enlighten me about your business. Please have a tremendous”

    He even sent kisses LOL!

    There are many things that make Polaris Global unique but I’d love to know what are the stand out things for you if you were wanting to tell someone about the benefits of Polaris Global in just one sentence.

  23. Alison W says:

    That is awesome Pauline and I could not agree with you more, there is nothing else. Freedom to create everything you ever desired.

  24. Sharon M says:

    LOL.. absolutely Pauline, there is no comparison, now there is a number of benefits but one thing that really stands out for me is the Polaris Global training and the community support, I know it’s been imperative for me to get my business up and running and as a new person starting with this amazing opportunity, there is absolutely no excuse for them not to achieve their results.

  25. Debbie R says:

    Absolutely agree Pauline, there is no other business with the potential of Polaris Global that can such positively benefit people’s lives in such a powerful life changing way through our Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum. Well done on taking a stand for what you and so many of us here believe in.

  26. Pauline O says:

    Freedom to create everything you ever desired sounds way too good to miss Alison :)

  27. Pauline O says:

    Training and genuine support is something we do brilliantly for sure Sharon.

  28. Lise R says:

    I love that Pauline. I, too, possess the rock solid confidence in knowing that this is the only place on the planet where a multiple six and seven figure income is achievable for ANYONE regardless of background or formal training. We create a level playing field to give EVERYONE the chance to succeed!

  29. Pauline O says:

    Yes Lise. I see Polaris Global as an ordinary persons opportunity to become extraordinary and achieve extraordinary things in their lives.

  30. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Pauline and totally agree there is nothing else that compares to Polaris xx

  31. bart says:

    Pauline, I would say that is a life experience that you can only experience. Words do not do BFE and this community justice. It is so unique and so individual for each person. (Ok, that’s 3 sentences).

  32. Pauline O says:

    In no way, shape or form Lee Anne ;)

  33. Pauline O says:

    3 very powerful sentences Bart. You are so right in saying that and all our experiences here are uniquely our own.

  34. Rosemary L says:

    In my previous job I was working mainly in admin although I have an undergraduate and master degrees. When I told my boss that I wanted to take on more responsibility (and earn more than $35k pa), I was told that they couldn’t see how I could move up working part-time. That finished it for me, although it took me another year to leave. The difference at Polaris is that no one is telling me I can’t do something. I can decide to do whatever I want to and it is all up to me!

  35. Pauline O says:

    Being in control of our destiny is a beautiful thing for sure Rosemary.

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