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Polaris Global Review

Polaris Global Review

Polaris Global Review

Posted By Pauline O

I have the distinction and honour of being a founding member of Polaris Global so I feel my experience allows me to provide a valuable and informed review. I’ve recently returned from the Sovereignty Live Event, my 17th event since joining Shane Krider in both his previous business and Polaris Global. This event was everything I have come to expect from Polaris, providing enlightening, practical information and education of immeasurable value –

Over the course of the event Shane Krider provided us with the education and tools to create supreme long term wealth with a common sense, down to earth approach. No hype, no BS, just sound, solid information that if implemented by anyone who attended will yield outstanding results.

It was a fun filled gathering of family, friends and community that provided diverse cultural experiences and the opportunity for attendees to take their business and lives to a higher level. That’s what this company is all about!

Polaris Global is a genuine business opportunity that offers the highest quality personal empowerment/leadership development education that can be enjoyed and utilised by people of all ages and backgrounds who are serious about improving their personal circumstances. It has provided me with the opportunity to -

1. Work from home around my family
2. Retire my husband within 7 months of getting started
3. Work the hours that suit me from anywhere I have internet access
4. Travel the world with my family and friends
5. Earn a multiple 6 figure income since my first year in business
6. Learn and grow
7. Assist many others to achieve their personal, financial and lifestyle goals

My experiences with Polaris Global have been nothing short of outstanding. What have been your most valuable experiences with Polaris Global to date?

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375 Responses to “Polaris Global Review”

  1. Pauline O says:

    What an awesome sentence Gai! You summed it up brilliantly :)

  2. Linn F says:

    I have experienced a MLM business first hand about 20 years ago and this is not that model.
    And without reservation I say that Polaris Global has the most potential for anybody with a desire for change and the will to back it up, in any part of your life.
    The personal development program I have personally used in the past 12 months has transformed my life.
    Thank you Pauline for introducing me to this business and Beyond Freedom Evolution.

  3. Pauline O says:

    It’s been my pleasure Linn. I never tire of hearing the positive feedback from people I’ve introduced to the opportunity and the product. It’s so gratifying to be a part of something that makes such a positive difference in people’s lives :)

  4. Simon O says:

    I worked a job for years. I sold my time for a monetary value that was far below what I was worth. I spent years attaining pieces of paper that stated i knew what I was doing and was qualified to do it. I sold my soul to my employer to rise on the company ladder. At the end I was left with a position that I had grown to hate,stressed beyond and into insane amounts, my health had deteriorated and I never saw my family but the reason why I did this in the first place was for my family. The ultimate thing for me is that people are able to start Polaris with no qualifications, low investment cost compared to degrees and with a little direction and training earn more in a month than I earnt in a year.
    LOL did someone say comparison?

  5. Jarmila S says:

    When I first started with Polaris I was blown away by the community, training, mentoring and support – and I still feel that way today. Lots and lots of unique things about Polaris. A standout for me in one sentence is: “A community where everyone wants everyone to succeed and successes are shared openly and gladly”.

  6. Sylvia says:

    To know my past does not have to be equal to my future. Everyday I have a chance to take a new step in the direction of my dreams. Forever grateful for this freeing message from Mr. Shane Krider, Visionary of Polaris Global. So simple and yet so powerful.

  7. Pauline O says:

    No comparison at all Simon but so grateful Polaris provided us the vehicle to escape the rat race and be present in Ryan’s and my life ♥

  8. Pauline O says:

    I love that statement Jarmila, it perfectly describes the uniqueness of Polaris Global. In fact I love it so much I’m going to state it again!….


  9. Pauline O says:

    Polaris gives us the knowledge and the options to break away from our past Sylvia. I have a saying that equates to Shane’s statement – “If you’re basing your future on your past, don’t expect anything to change.” Our future is absolutely in our hands with Polaris.

  10. Bruce D says:

    Pauline such a short time ago I was trying to be what everybody else wanted. It became life for 46 years. There were perfect molds I had to fit into, and no matter how hard I tried it left me being everything else but ME. BFE is providing me new thinking and concepts my University education never did. More importantly a massive shift in self belief and bold new experiments in what I want to be and become. I am eternally grateful that I met you at this critical junction in my life. Cheers Bruce

  11. Steve K says:

    I had found Polaris at a time when I thought there has to be a better way. Well I found much more than I bargained for.This has been an amazing journey for Cathy and myself and my whole family. Polaris has brought back to me the attitude that I had when I was younger . I am so so thankful that you found me Pauline and for all your support and friendship.

  12. Pauline O says:

    I have goosebumps reading this Bruce. Your comments really make my heart sing and truly reflect the gift that we all have with this opportunity.

  13. Pauline O says:

    Likewise Steve, as I said before you always put a smile on my face so I’m grateful Polaris brought that wonderful positive quality out in you again.

  14. Pauline O says:


    When I first joined the network marketing/home business industry the company I joined had a fairly typical, and what was considered, solid MLM compensation plan. They frequently taught us the concept of GET 20, KEEP 20 which referred to finding 20 customers who would become “product lovers” and continue to repeat purchase therefore guaranteeing a base income of $2000.00 per month. WOOOHOOO! At the time that seemed like a reasonable base income to me, that is until I found Rachel Krider’s ad on the internet and learned after speaking to her that she had just enjoyed her first, of many, $100K months!!! WOW!

    In that moment my reality changed. My vision of what was possible was forever altered and I determined that if I could achieve 1/3 of her results I’d be ecstatic. We should always be careful of what we wish for as that was pretty much what I did achieve. In Rachel’s first 18 months working a 10 plan very consistently she made a profit of USD$1.2 MILLION and in my first 18 months working a 3 plan very consistently I made a profit of USD$450K!!!

    If we apply the GET 20, KEEP 20 concept to the Polaris Global Compensation Plan it starts to produce some very impressive numbers. Just this week 2 people purchased repeat tickets producing a profit of USD$15K! 20 “Polaris product lovers” purchasing just one repeat ticket results in $100K! I always think that’s such a nice round number but multiply that by the same 20 “product lovers” purchasing a repeat ticket every year for 10 years and there’s residual income of 1 MILLION DOLLARS :) NICE! Think about all the possibilities.

    With the recent changes that have occurred with the Polaris Global Compensation Plan it gives every distributor the opportunity to leverage their time and generate at the very least a 6 figure income if they simply do the work required and believe they can. The Compensation Plan as it is now will be the most lucrative experienced by Polaris distributors and I’m so excited to see the sensational results that so many are set to achieve in the next 12 months. Here’s to everyone’s $UPER $UCCE$$ :)

  15. Debbie R says:

    Great post Pauline. I have been in this industry since 1986, and have never seen a more generous comp plan than offered by Polaris Global!

  16. Lee Anne B says:

    Love this Pauline and Love the Polaris Global comp plan too.. it is the best compensation plan out there hands down x

  17. Pauline O says:

    With 28 years in the industry Debbie you absolutely know the truth of this!

  18. Rosemary L says:

    The compensation plan at Polaris is amazing …. it is one of the key reasons I made the decision to join this company. The leverage is amazing for those who do the activity and remain consistent – your success is proof!

  19. Pauline O says:

    Hands down, hands up, hands out LOL! No matter how we look at it Lee Anne it sure is lucrative $$$

  20. Lise R says:

    Amazing Pauline – I love your story. Seriously, I don’t know of anywhere else on this planet where this kind of income is possible for the average joe or jill! I love what we do and the impact we can have on others in the process. Woohoo!

  21. Pauline O says:

    It was a major influencing factor when I got started too Rosemary and my enroller’s success was a huge inspiration for me too.

  22. Pauline O says:

    I know Lise. It’s an amasing opportunity for the ordinary person to achieve extraordinary, outstanding financial success.

  23. Alison W says:

    Congrats Pauline and we get paid well, love the comp plan.

  24. Pauline O says:

    Thank you Alison. Likewise :)

  25. Gai P says:

    The comp plan is the magnet that “attracts”. Be, Do, Have!

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