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Monday, July 21st, 2014

How To Keep It Super Simple (KISS Principle)

Just a Little Kiss ...

Just a Little KISS ...

Posted by Fiona C.

When l heard Pauline going over KISS at Super Saturday last weekend it was crystal clear it’s funny because l know I’ve heard it said before? But this time KISS and the principle behind it was very clear for me this time, part of this was being present and attending the live events!

I’ve decided to make KISS my new north star.

Life itself can be made simple if we only learn to live by the KISS principal or defined as “Keep it super simple”. I’m sure many of us would laugh about this idea, especially if we are bombarded daily with the complexities of our roles or responsibilities, fast pace environment as well as our own struggles for self-fulfillment. But, if you spend some few minutes to ponder on this famous acronym KISS and give it a fair analysis, you will discover that it really makes sense and can be applied in real life scenarios. Let me give you an overview on how we can all manage to live under the influence of the KISS principle.

Imagine your daily tasks where you need to squeeze everything in one sitting. What do you feel? Are you already exhausted by just looking at all the duties you need to perform? What makes it even worse sometimes is your own thoughts whispering behind you telling you all these things seem quite hard to accomplish, and you end up worried all throughout the day. Now, if we apply the KISS principle, keep it super simple, there would be no chaos in the first place.

How is that possible? Its easy: keep it simple just do what you KNOW you have to do and success will follow. xxx

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Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Rising To Greater Heights

How High Can You Fly?

How High Will You Fly?

Posted by Kym K.

I recall Rachel Krider saying that she used the principles in Beyond Freedom Evolution to first sort out her finances and once that was sorted she then applied these same principles to other areas of her life, This gave the perfect opportunity to concentrate on certain areas of my life in finer detail. I decided to look at money as my first area. I began applying each principle of BFE to the area of money and finance. I looked what I knew to be true around my beliefs around money, I wrote a north star and added compass headings , I looked at where I needed to leave the heard and my decision making process and the actions I was and wasn’t taking.

When I put a particular area of my life under the spot life its as if all the sediment ( everything that is not what I want) floats to the surface, I use to see this as red lights, I now see this as conformation I am shifting the energy. Doing this process some murky stuff  came up from my past which has allowed me to make some powerful decisions and release some feelings of responsibility from my past that where weighing me down, they were a burden I didn’t realise I was carrying.

The freedom of this beautiful release made me feel like I was in a hot air balloon that had just throw some weight over board and I was lifted to even greater heights.

I am again in deep gratitude for our amazing community and program that allows me to continue to be more fully myself.

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Thursday, June 26th, 2014

What is Different About This Journey

This Is What is Different!

This Is What is Different!

Posted by Melonie C.

I invested more money in this business venture – which means more commitment & determination to Make It Happen, to be Incredibly Successful.
I have more options by Prospecting the World rather than Family and Friends.
The Co-Founders/Owners of this amazing organization live about an hour from me. With direct access, contact and interaction with Rachel & Shane Krider, how perfect is that?!!
I am ready to WIN at the Game of Life and this is rigged in my favor.
My outlook today is the first step to finding, discovering and developing the Amazing Melonie I have always been intended to be, to shine and show myself to the World.
It takes 20 Seconds of INSANE COURAGE to get past my fear
I am UNSTOPPABLE, not my fears.
I am Grateful for everything that has happened to me in my life as it has created this Melonie
What I have been doing in the job market in the past 5 years has been soul destroying and has not been working.
This is a CAREER, not a JOB.
From this point on, I am a new creation and this is a new start to an amazing life.
I am Breathing In my CREATIVE FUTURE NOW and Breathing Out the limitations of the past.
I am Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant.
I am entering a whole New World, New Future and New Phase of Being FULLY ALIVE!
I am TRANSFORMING Moment by Moment. Stay Tuned!
I have a Winning Attitude.
I bring ME to whatever is in my Future.
My Future Self says: “You Go Girl, Give It Your All!

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Thursday, June 19th, 2014

My Best Ever Year, Moving In Action

Fiona Corsar

Fiona Corsar

Posted by Fiona C.

We are almost halfway through the year and deep in my heart “My Best Year Ever”

could be a chosen path on my part. Why? It’s my continuous desire to remain focused

and self-driven in making this year a real stand out and hitting my targeted

goal of ensuring this is my best year every!

I have been on a journey through Departure and Decision and repeated them again

and again experiencing amazing wins with my Beyond Freedom Evolution, but

something has kept me from starting Action. So, feeling determined to make this

year my best every, I decided to put a stop to procrastination and get that much

needed Action out of Action.

I look forward to the call on Thursday morning and when I don’t get on the live call,

I just listen attentively to the recorded call on my way home from work on that

particular day.

Having completed Action One and moving forward with Action Two, I feel a bit silly

now that it has taken me so long to move forward to get into action and creating

what l desire.

I managed successfully to work through Action one. I now have a clearer vision I’m

raising the bar and heading for it. Trusting in my intuition is a powerful tool. Over

the years, I have somewhat lost that trust in my own intuition I would say I lost the

trust in myself, but now I’ve regained it. I’m very excited about this and look

forward to working through action two and three.

My deepest thanks to all the leaders who take their time to host the BFE calls. Your

commitment, energy and drive continue to inspire my entire being every week. ;)

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Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Now it’s my turn to Lead Others…

Posted By Toryn K

This is my first blog today, as well as my first ever up-to-date blogging system. To be honest; this month has had a lot of firsts for me, my first time purchasing a bouncy castle (you read that right!), my first time seeing the fire works for the year, my first time not caring about the petty negativity’s, but most importantly my FIRST time taking initiative in life in owning my own business.

As a new face in Polaris. I find it funny to now classify myself as an entrepreneur, mainly because this gives me the freedom to BE MYSELF, and the confidence to actually build my OWN ideas, which I’ve never quite experienced!

I am still in the qualification of becoming an M1 Director, but I am working more diligently then I have before, for something I finally want to do and believe in.

I am 22 years old, and am my own boss for once in my life. It gives me such great confidence because of the fact that I am so young, and can still accomplish this, which means anyone can.

The best win I made in May so far, was giving Polaris my information to become a ‘lead’ in the system. Now it is my turn to ‘lead’ others, and continue inspiring MYSELF. Thank you for reading today’s entry!

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Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Polaris Global & BFE has Changed My Life

Posted By Johnson F

Polaris Global’s, Beyond Freedom Evolution has changed my life and I am purposefully living my life, Personal Development was introduce to by me my beautiful wife Anita, I am enjoying very moment of it. I have seen life has game to play on purpose, I have started my journey in Business this Month. There were Challenges to place those ads, paid marketing all the dramas that goes inside our head, I took the decision of putting the those ads anyway and actioned it, I feel great about it.

In every situation obstacle I face I see obstacle is ME and no one else but myself, being committed to BFE my thought pattern has changed. When I indulge or pulled into negative conversation, there is an alarm going in my mind cut off from it and go my way :)

This Business in my point of view is very simple. Only thing you need is Desire, Commitment and Faith to stay on course and keep moving forward. Take that next step.

Everyone who is in Polaris has Opportunity to make big this year specially with product and training/support, it is a complete recipe for success,

What is holding me was MYSELF; I am learning to be out of my comfort zone, because I can see the Big picture.

This week I have been sitting with my why Reason “to be successful”

Don’t loose hope or give up on your dreams, they are priceless and no one know the value of those dream you alone. Give a another chance to yourself, you deserve it.

One life – Live it to the Fullest

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Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Beyond Freedom Evolution & Polaris Global

Posted By J Scotney

I have been with Polaris Global for some months now, working my butt off (or so I thought) and getting nowhere.
Was I having fun? You must be kidding!! I’ve never worked so hard.
What I am finally coming to understand is:

My progress is NOT measured by the number of leads or amount of income I generate
I need to back off and not be so intense – take a break
I need to give myself space to have fun – bring music back into my life
I need to be gentle on myself – be my own best friend
To commit to putting my 6 Daily Activities into Action – ALL , not just some
Make Beyond Freedom Evolution my TOP PRIORITY

Through Beyond Freedom Evolution, plugging into the Polaris Global training calls and ASKING for support from my enroller, I am realising that I am worthy of the success that I am aiming for and even MORE. Thank you Polaris Global.

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Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Facing My Fears With Beyond Freedom Evolution

Facing My Fears!

Facing My Fears!

Posted By Lise R

In our Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum, the current exercise (Decision book 3) I am working on in centred around fear. The exercise asks that you list your top fears then develop an action plan detailing how you will take on your fears and ultimately overcome them. This is a super-confronting exercise for me as I often hide behind my fears and use them as excuses for not doing something.

My three top fears include – 1) mice (yes, they are small but fierce!) 2) drowning (even though I am an avid scuba diver I have never really felt all that comfortable in the water) 3) walking alone at night (too many murder/rape stories). So there it is. I find it rather confronting even to list them out publicly. The fact that I am announcing not only my fears but my planned decision to confront them holds me rather accountable!

Here is my proposed plan of action to conquer my fears. 1) Mice- My best friend Chelsey had a pet rat growing up (yuck!). I have asked her to accompany me to our local pet store to hold mice/rats to overcome my fear. She will be there not only for moral support but also for the safety of the animals in case I decide to drop one! 2) Drowning- My mom and I are enrolling in swimming lessons at our local pool. I feel that in gaining confidence in the water and improving my skills the fear of drowning will dissipate. 3) Walking alone at night – This one will need to be confronted head on. I will walk alone at night around our neighbourhood. I will wear bright colours, bring my cell phone and tell my husband my route so that he can expect me home at a certain time.

I cannot tell you how nervous and excited I am to confront these fears. There have been so many situations in recent years where I felt that these fears were holding me back tremendously. Wish me luck!

What is your biggest fear?

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Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

The Entire Polaris Gig & BFE has Allowed me to Dream Again

Dreaming Again!

Dreaming Again!

Posted By Robert T

Hi everyone, it has been many moons. Something I wanted to share in relation to yesterday’s Alchemy call. Shane was speaking about space – giving space to others and ourselves which Is such a compassionate concept, perhaps a state of being is closer to a word definition. I learnt a principal in yoga linking space to presence, being in the present moment. Take the word Nowhere and put the space between w and h to make Now Here.

One more – I loved this, BFE in action! I have been seeing a beautiful, sexy grrrr white Jaguar XKR convertible recently in Hervey Bay. This delivers a feeling of admiration for the beauty, sensuality, poise and elegance of the design. Next thought
” But I have chosen a Mercedes SLK convertible as my dream car” What do I do? – Course correct and problem solved. So much fun playing with the concept. Then there is the Porsche 911, Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari Dino Ducati 900SS, Ducati 750SS, Moto Guzzi MGS01, Moto Guzzi V7 Sport, Laverda SFC, Laverda Jota and more mechanical delicacies designed for our enjoyment on this wonderful planet. It isn’t lust honest (chuckle, chuckle)

Tomorrow we sail in the last race for the Hervey Bay Yacht Squadron Summer Series, we are second placed and have a 50/50% chance of winning the series. I sail on Mayhem (Sydney 36). Appropriately named from many Mayhemic episodes.
So often I think “Man, I am lucky” so much good stuff going on. I have learnt to believe in my dreams again from BFE, the entire Polaris gig and this wonderful community we share.

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Tuesday, April 8th, 2014


So Grateful!

So Grateful!

Posted By Helen S

Well another valuable Alchemy training call from the Visionary of Polaris Global, Shane Krider. Each call seems to take me to another level of growth quicker than I’ve experienced before. I think it may be because it cements everything I’ve learnt from my Beyond Freedom Evolution right to the core of my being.

This call really struck a cord within me, and made think about how far I have come in regards to my own personal development and growth, as I was taking intros for the call, I didn’t express myself as I would have really liked to, and began to think about apologizing for that with excuses, something held me back, a thought that said…..’OH WELL I did my best, next time it will be better’ which TRIUMPHED over the monkey chatter…’OMG that was not good or professional enough’……The reason I’m sharing this is because our call was about those thoughts, our self image, and thoughts of having to live up to others expectations, modeling ourselves with the labels that we feel equate to someone who is successful, we go from the negative labels which hold us back to more positive labels, though they are still labels.

The call made me realize something that I have been learning in my journey here with Polaris Global and continue to learn, an absolute TRUTH of what Shane Krider shared. BEING our true self in all we do, means FREEDOM….freedom from the good opinions of others, not only the negative opinions which hold us back, though also the good and POSITIVE. When we truly don’t care what others think and say about us, that’s when we achieve that freedom, and like Shane shared, ‘what others think of me is none of my business’ that’s when we gain true POWER and the energy of that power is connected to the Universe and that works it’s magic to manifest all our dreams effortlessly. Having the confidence to speak from my heart, giving myself the SPACE to do that, has been an awesome heart felt realization. I AM SO GRATEFUL to know this.

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