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Friday, August 22nd, 2014


Leadership Education and Personal Empowerment!

Leadership Education and Personal Empowerment!

Posted by Kirsty M.

How cool is it that in addition to our Beyond Freedom Evolution Curriculum, Shane Krider recommends books to us each month that compliment our Education!

I’m reading Think and Grow Rich this month as recommended & I LOVED this section that I found the other night:

“The more Important sources of Knowledge are:…
(e) Special Training Courses – through Night Schools and Home Study Schools in particular.”

Yay! Love that! Especially since we specialise in Home Study Leadership Education!

After years of doing my grades ahead of my age in High School I managed to fail my final year & struggled to repeat & graduate Year 12 the following year. By that stage University was out of the question for me, I was so keen to start earning a living & I could not sit still long enough to “study”!

It’s amazing to see the change within myself now that I study every single day. Finding the right type of Education for me was key. Leadership Education & Personal Empowerment was not taught at school, if it was, I may have been a lot more passionate about learning then!

I’m grateful to be able to teach these principles to our kids from such an early age, the things that have really helped me to define what to believe & what not to, and an endless list of tools for creating Success in all areas of life. Beyond Freedom Evolution has been my life saver & life changer in the last few years (literally). Embrace our flagship product folks, put yourself in the driver’s seat of your Life.

Who else is reading Think and Grow Rich this month?

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Thursday, August 21st, 2014


Permission to Achieve!

Permission to Achieve!

Posted by Caroline B.

As I was thinking during the week about why I did not make a effort to blog.

I strive to find out the reason why, and I believed that I could of.

What did I let get in my way
I can’t do that
I’m not a good speller
Why would anyone want to read what I have to say they have been doing personal development a lot longer that you.
Ok you can do it (send a blog up and it just went into cyberspace)
Try again and well sure the same thing happened
Just don’t word about it, you have missed the race.

Those are just a few things that I let get in my way.

You know that you just have to give yourself permission to achieve and you can.

A couple of years ago I decide to blog for thirty days, why you may ask.
Just because it was a challenge to see if I could do it or was it to prove something to myself?
What did i achieve at the end of my challenge well I grew as a person I felt that I had a purpose, it was a challenge, made me step out of my comfort zone. I remember been away for home with little or no internet service, and knew at times that I would not have much time and did not let the challenge stop me in achieving my goal. Some nights it might of been 11pm or even later that I finished my Blog but I did it.

Today listing to this mornings call know about blog I believed that I could do it that’s why I did not.

Have come to realise that believing and doing are not the same thing, we have to take the action steps forward to achieve our goals.

So today I challenge myself to Blog.

Here I am in the flesh so to speak putting myself out to the community of Polaris that has already given me so much as 4 years ago I could not even put pen to paper to do a blog.

I give myself permission to ACHIEVE!

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2014


Course Correcting To Success!!

Course Correcting To Success!!

Posted by Kirsty M.

I’ve never seen myself as a Quitter, typically if I really want to achieve something & I want it bad enough, I’ll stick at it & make sure I achieve it.

So a while ago I started running. I was determined to be able to run for a half an hour and to love it. I downloaded an app on my iPhone, tried the treadmill & outdoor running, dangled a shiny new pair of running shoes in front of me, but still never got there. I discovered I just don’t love running. And I felt like a quitter. I didn’t like that feeling, I felt like I’d failed in another area of my life. L

I just completed the module in Beyond Freedom Evolution all about this topic (Action Book 3 “Course Changes vs Quitting”) & it says that if you “Course Correct” rather than label yourself as a “Quitter” and either find another way of achieving your Goal or remove the action if it’s not in alignment with your Goal, then you are still creating forward movement in the right direction.

Quitting is stopping going for the Goal completely. I realised that running for 30min wasn’t actually my goal, it was to have a regular form of exercise that I get a massive kick out of, in my schedule each week. Running is not it. I Course Corrected to Hot Yoga & I absolutely LOVE it.

Mission accomplished & I certainly don’t feel like a quitter anymore! I can also stop beating myself up for thinking I had failed at something, when really I am winning in the fitness area, even though I’m not running. I’m winning at what matters for me. What you have Course Corrected on lately to keep in alignment with your Goals?

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Monday, August 18th, 2014


Take The Challenge!

Take The Challenge!

Posted by Bart (Michael B.)

A phenomenon that is sweeping the globe is The Ice Bucket Challenge. Dumping cold ice water over one’s head is an activity gone viral to raise awareness and money for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis / Lou Gehrig’s disease). Let’s take the challenge and apply it to our lives and our business.

One of the Six Daily Activities is visualization – where you focus on your goals. For this activity, find a quiet place where you can visualize yourself taking the challenge.
· Visualize yourself getting a bucket or large pot and filling it with at least 1/3 ice and the rest cold water.
· Visualize the bucket of water sitting for 20 minutes so that it becomes extremely cold.
· Visualize yourself standing ready for the bucket of ice water. You may be surrounded by friends or family, or maybe you have some of your Polaris Global friends tuned in live via the Internet to watch you take the challenge.
· Visualize the bucket being raised over your head by people standing behind you.
· You do not know when the frigid water is going to hit the top of your head. Visualize the anticipation you feel and the tenseness in your body. You close your eyes as you prepare to get doused.
· The challenge happens!
· Visualize the ice cold water and remaining unthawed ice rapidly soaking your head, your shoulders, and down your body. Do you hear uncontrollable laughter? You gasped as your body went into frigid shock.

Open your eyes. Still freezing wet and in shock, how does the world look to you now? In that spontaneous second what was your first thought? What is different based on how you reacted to the jolt of ice water?

Now visualize if you applied that jolt to your life and/or to your business. How would you react? What would be different? It does not matter if you are the highest income earner or someone still struggling, nor does it matter if you apply this to your business, your work, or your personal life; such a jolt instantly changes one’s perspective. You experience something you probably have never experienced before.

Are you willing to take The Ice Bucket Challenge? Once you take the challenge, challenge three other people. That’s the rule of the game! That’s how you build momentum.

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Monday, August 18th, 2014


Thinking Big!

Thinking Big!

Posted by Ewald A.

It’s 2:42 AM in the morning and I am putting up ads for my Polaris business. Headphones on and listening to Prospecting Audio 2 while I jam out ads and work on my new collaboration song.

Shane Krider speaking about changing your way of thinking reminded me of my second year in psychology in college. My psychology teacher gave me a tool that would help me be successful in keeping my mind clear and really challenge my ability to become a better person. As he sprayed out the acronym ‘JAMMED SLOP’ the class oddly looked at him. The acronym clicked with me and it challenged me to not break these tools’ rules.

I challenge you to ‘NOT’ do these actions and thoughts listed in the JAMMED SLOP acronym I will list below. I still use this tool everyday, think big everyone, keep working hard, cheers! (If there is a phrase in the acronym you are confused on, please feel free to ask me, and I will explain).

J-Jumping to Conclusions
A-All or Nothing thinking
M-Mental filtering
M-Maximizing or Minizing
E-Emotional Reasoning
D-Downplaying the Situation

S-Should statements

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Monday, August 18th, 2014


LIfting the Value in My Life!

LIfting the Value in My Life!

Posted by Carrie M.

I really loved hearing one of the leaders on our Polaris Global Training Calls, talking about the cost of something, versus the value of it. I have been having weekly personal training sessions at my gym and absolutely loving the experience.

Whenever anyone has asked me how much the sessions are, I have found their replies fascinating. I feel that they may be thinking of it in terms of cost, rather than of value.
I receive so much value from the thirty minutes of personal training. I receive positive encouragement, health and fitness information, expertise from my trainer and new ideas of what exercises I can do in my other gym sessions. My trainer and I connect easily, and he understands my boundaries and how to go past them!

One of the most amazing things in terms of value, has been doing things I have never done before and may never have tried. I did a ‘deadlift’ about a month ago. We wanted to find my 1RM (1 Repetition Maximum) weight. We started at just using the bar to ensure I had proper technique and then increased the weight slowly. I ended up lifting 85kg! (above my own bodyweight).

These achievements are extending way past the gym floor. I feel empowered to achieve other goals and now utilise this strength and value in other aspects of my life. I now make decisions using its value as a guide, rather than the cost. Is there a way you can implement this in your life too?

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Sunday, August 17th, 2014


Making It Happen!

Making It Happen!

Posted by Kym K.

Recently I have been having a reoccurring dream – in this dream I am flying- it is the most amazing feeling – soaring at greater heights and enjoying the feeling of no hold back – that absolutely anything is possible.I have taken these dreams to be a positive message of me being on the right track and attribute it to all the extra personal development I have being doing.

I have decided to conduct an experiment – a know for myself goal achieving exercise – one of my goals has a looming deadline and I am determined to achieve it – so I am putting in extra effort and intensity to this one goal.

My process:

I have clearly defined the goal – written out what the goal is including dates etc.

My why – I have defined why I want to achieve this goal

I have it on my vision board – I have created a North Star for it.

The Plan:

I will continue to up my Personal Development, I will visualise on this goal at least 6 times a day – my trigger will be each time I go to the bathroom I will visualise. I will up my water intake.

I will do my DMO with high vibrational material in the background – aka – listen to our recorded calls.

I will stay open to signs and guidance to act.

Have I forgotten anything? What do you do when a deadline is looming and you are determined to achieve your goal?

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Monday, August 11th, 2014


Inspiring Is My Passion!

Inspiring Is My Passion!

Posted by Robyn E.

Shaking away those limiting beliefs and my invalidating habit, the getting distracted by lots of other things in the process, all massive learning curves for me to come to this place I am at now with our Polaris Business.

The past couple of weeks I have started to market in ways which resonate but also help me find my ‘truth’ and ‘be’ who I want to be by ‘doing’ what brings enjoyment. Video Blogging & Writing anecdotal stories relating to my experience and in doing this and networking with other Mums out there who do this I am finding warmth in my soul. Following my instincts on what resonates with me as I go along. I kept pulling away from this because it wasn’t allowing me to ‘have’ leads and in doing so, took away my joy and vision of self.

Today I started delivering fliers as another activity to raise my vibration. Get some exercise, fresh air and a lot of positive self-talk every time I slip the piece of paper in the mailbox. Trying something new, noting how the experience makes me feel and also, something else to add to my anecdotal stories. Had a great time visualising as I walked too!

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Monday, August 11th, 2014


Happy To Be Here!

Happy To Be Here!

Posted by Victor B.

Hello everyone! I am a new distributer.

I have been stuck in the workforce working in the area of health here in OZ and came to the realisation that I needed a change. I was scrolling through home business ads on an ad site, I made contact and looked at the opportunity. Well, I must say that the personal empowerment of the product instilled the need to be in the success zone! This ZOOMED my life around to the point of now of seeking out a different life path. And I have just watched the first video in the beyond freedom and it was inspiring!

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Monday, August 4th, 2014


Pick Six!

You're The Author!

Posted by Michael B.

Have you realized that this very moment is part of your story? There is no right or wrong answers, it is not perfect, but is a blank canvas to use as you please.

You have to live each moment consciously, design your own truth, and share it with others. It’s a process whereby you realize your individuality and can only share it once you have created it.

Consider these six things to love about your life:

1. Spend time on your personal growth and goals.
The most successful are those who are respect and treasure their time. External influences often try and dictate what “we should do.” This is the herd mentality. Many times we are waiting for some magical resolution. We tend to wait for the right time to make our move. Then, we wake up and discover we are no closer than we were. We never took the journey.

2. Live your truth daily.
To feel something and believe in it, but not live it, is living a lie. If you do this too long, you only exist. Dreams may become nightmares. Wherever your heart is, there you find reality. The time to act on your truth is now.

3. Enjoy the freedom of an open mind.
Your perspective is important; yet different people have different perspectives and yours may not make sense. Most facts are merely interpretations. Success in life does not depend on proving you are right. To make real progress, let go of the assumption that you already have all the answers. Listen to others, learn from others, and successfully work with others, even though you may not agree with them. Respect the freedom to disagree.

4. Engage in relationships that improve you.
When you connect with someone special, a friend or companion, this person helps you find the best in yourself. You both grow into your best selves and nurture each other’s growth.

5. Be the story you tell yourself every day. Forget what everyone else thinks of you. Chances are they are not thinking about you. You are judging yourself by telling yourself a story inside your head. You are building your future around this story, so tell it right. Create a positive narrative about your dreams and goals

6. Make a positive spin of life’s surprises.
No matter what life throws your way, you decide what these events mean and how you integrate them into your life. Everything that happens is subject to your interpretation. More important than what happens, is what you choose to do with what happens. The life you live is ultimately the life you choose.

Anything to add to this list? How has Beyond Freedom Evolution impacted what you love about your life?

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