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April 11th, 2014 by Amy Adams

What about Polaris Global? Have you heard about them?

How do Polaris Global consistently continue to grow? How do Polaris Global achieve those amazing success results? How do Polaris Global stay leaders of the personal leadership development industry?  How do they do it?!

Shane Krider and Greg Strom - Here's to your success with Polaris Global

Polaris Global Co-Founders, Shane Krider and Greg Strom, cheers to your success!

The buzz is everywhere lately… I don’t know if I’m more tuned in now I work for a personal leadership development company, or if the interest has always been there, it’s just taken Polaris Global to capture and harvest it. There’s no denying Polaris Global has everyone talking.

The key is their award-winning success education program, Beyond Freedom Evolution. People are amazed by the results this personal development course can create, and the opportunities that arise as a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution.

There seems to be a shift recently, away from the traditional nine-to-five jobs, as people are seeking something more fulfilling, with a sense of purpose they can be passionate about. Yes, please!

So, what Polaris Global offer are the steps to achieve your ultimate success through their e-learning curriculum, with a home-based business opportunity, and an unparalleled support community. This winning equation for success has been developed with decades of research, and the vision of the Polaris Global co-Founders Shane Krider, Gregory Strom and Rachel Krider. There’s no great mystery here. Hard work, bold decisions and action create great success.

Polaris Global’s pioneering products and clear business model are innovative in structure and superior in quality, which is why they are reporting record-breaking growth, and unprecedented income figures for their distributors.

Personal leadership development can bring success to all areas of your life. And with the results achieved by Polaris Global, and students of Beyond Freedom Evolution, who wouldn’t want to share in that success? Start living the life you want, now!

Sounds like a win, win to me!

~ Amy Adams

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April 5th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global Values

The benefits you can achieve from gaining clarity of your beliefs and values with Polaris Global are amazing. You can also experience what happens when you make choices that are not aligned with your values. Through Polaris Global’s success education program, Beyond Freedom Evolution, you complete exercises which highlight what is most important to you, and then you learn how to take the action to align your life with those values and goals.

Polaris Global will steer you to your greatest happiness

Polaris Global will steer you to your greatest happiness

Polaris Global teaches you that understanding your values helps you to prioritize your time as well as make consistent, bold decisions. When you are consciously aware of what makes you happy you start making decisions in-line with your values. And before you know it, you will be happier and successful in the areas you pursue, and Polaris Global will get you there fast.

An invaluable Polaris Global lesson – as you grow and develop, you change, so don’t forget to stop and reassess your values every now and then. This is an important part of the process to ensure we are continually traveling towards our goal and making the decisions needed to get us to where we want to go.

The three volumes of Beyond Freedom Evolution – Departure, Decision, and Action – are each dedicated to one of these super important steps to success. So, hurry up and get started!

~ Amy Adams

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March 30th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global stoppers – a lesson learned

Stoppers stoppers everywhere. This is something that has been prominent in my life this week. Patience, deep breaths and a lot of side-stepping required.

With Polaris Global guidance, there aint no stopping you!

With Polaris Global guidance, there aint no stopping you!

Polaris Global classifies Stoppers in their success education program, Beyond Freedom Evolution. Essentially, they are roadblocks that appear on your journey to success, and they come in many forms – people, life events, obstacles. And they consistently pop up around times of change.

As an avid student of Beyond Freedom Evolution I have become adept at identifying Stoppers, and use the steps laid out in BFE to maneuver past them with minimal impact, and stay on track to my goal.

This had me recapping the essentials from that chapter and reminded me of some important factors. Don’t blame those who appear to be putting up roadblocks to change. That won’t solve anything. Instead, look for the way to move past them with minimal fuss and disruption.

Sometimes the biggest roadblock is you. Why do we resist change? Are we hesitating taking action? Are we still adhering to old rules and behaviors instead of embracing the Beyond Freedom Evolution mindset and beliefs?

The Polaris Global lesson – look internally first. Align your sense of self with the valuable concepts from BFE to make it easier to welcome change, innovation and success, and you’ll inject that attitude more fully into the world. Then there’s no stopping you!

~ Amy Adams

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March 20th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Troubleshooting Polaris Global

Do you have trouble setting goals?
 Do you procrastinate taking the steps to achieve your vision? 
Do you become overwhelmed or encounter roadblocks while trying to obtain your objective? 
Do you want to improve your life but don’t know where to start?

Polaris Global provides the missing piece to living the life you want!

Polaris Global provides the missing piece to living the life you want!

Polaris Global can troubleshoot all these issues for you. Enroll to be a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution – Polaris Global’s award-winning success education curriculum, and change your life.

Beyond Freedom Evolution is a 12-month web-based personal leadership development program, created by Polaris Global co-founders, Shane Krider and Greg Strom. It features success principles that will put your life and business goals within reach today.

The Beyond Freedom Evolution online curriculum includes e-book texts, video and audio content, and an innovative exclusive social media platform and journal system. It is these members-only safe harbor online support communities that have attributed to students achieving amazing results, and attracted a record number of enrollments.

You’ll see a measurable difference in your life the very first day you establish clear, committed goals using the lessons in Beyond Freedom Evolution. Even if your first few attempts aren’t perfect, you’ll be able to make decisions much more rapidly because you’ll see how they move you towards or away from your goal.

Troubleshoot your life and take the first steps towards the life you want. Order Beyond Freedom Evolution now, before your life crashes.

~ Amy Adams

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March 15th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Win win win with Polaris Global

The children are arguing, systematically tearing the house apart, The Wiggles are competing for airplay with Sponge Bob Squarepants, and I’m out of coffee. The work is piling up as high as the laundry, and the cat’s just vomited all over the lounge.make today amazing

Oh Polaris Global – thank goodness for you! Thank you for Beyond Freedom Evolution. Thank you for a powerful mindset and for teaching me the skill to count my wins. Yes, even those small ones most people wouldn’t even acknowledge.

Those small little breadcrumb-sized wins keep me going on days like this. And looking at my list of wins on my PocketPad app at the end of the day makes me reflect and smile with appreciation and gratitude. Instead of sitting and whining about the-day-that-was.

Of all the skills Beyond Freedom Evolution has taught me, this is the one I utilize the most. The lesson that each action you take has the potential within it for a win is invaluable.

When every step is a win, there is no such thing as losing! What an awesome way to maneuver through life. As long as your thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions are focused on your destination there will be progress.

Today’s focus is getting the kids to bedtime without losing one at the mall. If I manage that without stepping on a piece of Lego, it will be a double win. Ha!

This view of counting wins helps keep your efforts light and fun as you approach, and achieve your goals. And as BFE eloquently puts it – gratitude and acknowledgement are very powerful ways to occupy your thoughts. When you count every step as a win, you automatically acknowledge your progress and appreciate your efforts.

Hey, what do you know – another win! I can see this day turning around already.

~ Amy Adams

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March 1st, 2014 by Amy Adams

Work the Polaris Global plan and watch your confidence grow

As students of Beyond Freedom Evolution, we know the importance of decisions. Bold decisions! And how effective decisions increase your confidence, results and are instrumental in your success journey.

Beyond Freedom Evolution wisdom

Beyond Freedom Evolution wisdom

The power of Polaris Global’s success education continually blows my mind. I was tested this week on my decision-making. And you know what? I surprised myself. In a time of great stress and pressure, I was able to call on my BFE skills and make some effective decisions about my child’s health.

Firstly, I took the time to ask questions and research. I needed to Know For Myself exactly what was going on. I armed myself with as much knowledge as possible. Because as BFE teaches us, the more you learn, the more your competency in a new area grows. The more you decide, the more your certainty increases.

Staying focused and asking the right questions in a hospital environment when your children are involved can be overwhelming. But I nailed it! BFE mindset clicked in and I made confident decisions, quickly and efficiently. I took control, and felt relief in the confidence I felt. Fully aware there will be some Course Correction required along the way as we learn more, but the current situation was under control and our action plan was clear.

Most importantly, what I recognized is my ability to stay calm and make confident decisions when needed, instead of falling apart under the weight of the situation. And that would not have been possible without studying Polaris Global’s Beyond Freedom Evolution.

And THAT is something I Know for Myself. For sure!

~ Amy Adams

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February 20th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global serves up Live Event with a side of Asia

Wow – Sovereignty Live is wrapping up right now! From what has been shared on Facebook already, it looks absolutely amazing. Can you imagine a more picturesque setting than cruising on a luxury liner through Asia, while learning Polaris Global proprietary success secrets? What a lucky bunch of Polarians!

Success education on the seas

Success education on the seas

Sovereignty Live is one of Polaris Global’s most popular events. It’s a five-day experience designed to assist you in increasing your financial income as well as personal wealth. No wonder the tickets sell so fast!

Polaris Global Founders, Shane Krider, Greg Strom and Rachel Krider lead the event sharing their philosophy on understanding money. How it’s created, what supports it’s value, and how to get into alignment with the laws of value and wealth creation.

Whoa! That’s some pretty powerful stuff. A Sovereignty Live ticket gives you life-changing tools, exploration of exotic locations all while meeting extraordinary people and making lifelong friendships. It’s an investment that comes back ten-fold.

And this year the destinations are Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. It doesn’t get much more exotic than that! What an amazing life experience. I’m feeling supremely jealous of all the attendees right now.

Are you reading this on the ship? In the airport coming home? Still on the high from the event? Please tell me all about it! What did Sovereignty Live mean to you?

~ Amy Adams

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February 13th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Feeling the love, thanks Polaris Global

Valentine’s Day is here. What? You haven’t noticed the tacky decorations, over-the-top chocolate displays and jewellery ads plastered everywhere you go? Ha. Subtle aren’t they.

Happy Valentine's Day love birds!

Happy Valentine's Day love birds!

It’s not something my husband and I usually acknowledge. Hallmark holiday and all that jazz. But this past year has been full on for us. We’ve hardly had any time together, and we fall asleep ten-minutes after we sing the children’s lullaby.

Love is not our problem. It’s there in abundance. It’s just the time. So, when I was hitting my Beyond Freedom Evolution study this week, this lesson sprung out at me.

Climb out of the rut.

Yep. We’re definitely there. Two toddlers mean we may be there for a while longer. But it doesn’t have to be every day. And it doesn’t have to be this Valentine’s Day.

So as the chapter progresses, I’m nodding along… To progress, one must make a decision. Things don’t change, if people don’t change. No kidding! So this week, my mini BFE assignment is to make a bold decision, and go hell-for-leather this V Day. (Without a babysitter and on a very small budget. Ha!)

This is totally out of my comfort zone but I’m doing it. Totally inspired by BFE. Goodness, the curriculum totally reaches every corner of your life huh?!

Thanks Polaris Global, for sharing the love!

~ Amy Adams

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February 6th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Get a kick-start with Polaris Global’s quick start

Leave it to Polaris Global to find a way to keep enhancing their award-winning Beyond Freedom Evolution success education curriculum. When Polaris Global released the BFE PocketPad app last year, I thought wow – they’ve thought of it all! A tech-savvy way to increase your wins while on the run, that’s the icing on the BFE cake.

BFE on-the-go!

BFE on-the-go!

But wait. There’s more!

Increasingly aware that our lifestyles are reaching a frantically fast pace, Polaris Global Founders, Shane and Rachel Krider, have released BFE Quick Start. A brilliant concept that allows you to listen to the entire Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum. Anywhere.

Rachel Krider shares the motivation behind the new release.

“We’ve translated the entire catalog of written guidebooks from the program into audio form to make it easier for the super busy person wanting to fit in their success education on-the-go.”

For those who love to pour through their Beyond Freedom Evolution eBooks, do not fear, they are still there when you want them. The eBooks with embedded audio and video clips are still available in their traditional format. There is now the added bonus of the audio option.

“Our inspiration was always looking to improve upon the program, to increase usability and reduce the time that it takes someone to get engrossed in BFE and start getting wins.”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to indulge in some BFE Quick Start while stuck in my next traffic jam, or on my morning run. Talk about utilizing your spare minutes!

BFE Quick Start is pure Polaris Global gold. Dive in and get started, quick smart!

~ Amy Adams

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January 24th, 2014 by Amy Adams

The facts about Polaris Global

Have you heard the rumors about Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution being too good to be true? Here are some facts. Beyond Freedom Evolution is an award-winning success education curriculum that is taking personal leadership development to the next level. It surpasses its rivals in content, format and results. Polaris Global also offer a separate business opportunity which when coupled with the syllabus teachings, can bring great financial success.

The facts laid out for you about Polaris Global

The facts laid out for you about Polaris Global

Founders Shane Krider, Rachel Krider, and Greg Strom, are the faces of Polaris Global. They pride themselves on creating this curriculum and super successful business model. They maintain high visibility throughout the business and make sure they are easily accessible and ready to help with regular support and advice at all times.

Polaris Global is an innovator of content and technology. It embraced the e-learning trend by making Beyond Freedom Evolution one of the first personal leadership development programs available online. The groundbreaking members-only social media platform offers an unrivaled support network seen in no other success education product. The safe harbor community is something Polaris Global prides itself on.

What about the business side? Polaris Global offers a strong business model, easy-to-follow steps, and an unbelievably supportive culture. This winning formula has many distributors making a regular income of $10,000 to over $100,000 a month. Yep. You read that correctly.

Even if the business side isn’t for you, the personal leadership development program is a winner. It is a step-by-step guide to entrepreneurship and a recent survey of BFE students shows the amazing results they obtained from the success education curriculum.

Interested in finding out more? Check out the Polaris Global website, Facebook page, NewsRoom and pinterest.

~ Amy Adams

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